“ANTONIETTI, The finest Italian textile tradition”

Roberto Antonietti holds the weight of tradition in his hands, making ANTONETTI one of the most refined interpreters of Italian taste, a company that can offer its clients the highest level of support throughout its entire luxury textiles production line. This heritage has a familial history and has its roots firmly in the finest Italian textile tradition.


Choose the desired category – Table, Bed, Bath, Accessories – and look at the different types of fabrication.

Find the spark to create exclusive products for residential and hotel interiors, and for special projects.


“From product conception to perfection”

ANTONIETTI’s full luxury linen service takes each customer from telling an idea to creating an exclusive product.
Uncompromising quality, customizable in every detail, attention to the needs of every application, skillful and exacting manufacture.
Our mission can be summarized in two key points…

Branded Projects

“Your brand, our inspiration”

By definition ANTONIETTI household textiles are always created for a particular project and situation, with precise image and comfort needs that go beyond recognized standards. Because of this ANTONIETTI is the ideal partner in the creation of new product lines for those quality brands that wish to enrich their offers with high quality household textile articles.

The service offered by ANTONIETTI involves the close collaboration with designers and product managers in order to conceive and produce collections that are in perfect harmony with the image and positioning of the brand (be it a name or shop) as a renowned reference point either in fashion or interior design.

Products that are always individual, high performance and boast the best quality to price ratio are born through ANTONIETTI’s their profound understanding of materials, production, final use, maintenance and packaging and capacities in listening to and interpreting the ideas and wishes of its clients.


Here are some of our creations – a springboard for creating unique products, always different, but always of high quality.